Our headquarters is located in Central London, and we offer (R)isk Management, (I)nformation Technology Management, Cyber (S)ecurity Management, and Financial (C)ompliance partnership services to global corporations and governments seeking to regain or retain public credibility.

Our vision is to be the preferred provider of affordable Cybersecurity Certification and GDPR practical implementation training to employees, contractors, consultants, boards and governments seeking to reduce their operational risk exposure to information security and financial crime – often conducted through IT systems.

Most breaches, including information security or privacy breaches, employee misconduct, money laundering, fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, procurement fraud, false accounting, cyber crime, and other financial and systems crimes can be prevented with adequate risk management – let us show you how to mitigate those risks!

In recognition of the busy weekday schedule of Contractors and Consultants, our affordable Cybersecurity certification training is available at weekends.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist global governments and corporations to gain or retain public credibility through the implementation and maintenance of regulatory compliant information privacy and security controls.

Our Services

Our services are varied, our commitment to global cybersecurity and compliance is immovable.

Our Commitment

Actions, ultimately, speak louder than the most artfully drafted corporate mission statement or vision.  We are committed to remaining an authentic and credible organisation, and will do all in our power to remain so in each assignment and contract we undertake; and in all our dealings with each client, supplier and employee.

We will not offer or accept an inducement to conduct our business, in any country or with any corporation. Our repute is non-negotiable.


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