Crime-as-a-Service:  Who’s “vishing” For Your Bank Card Details?
Social Engineering is the Cyber Criminal’s favoured weapon in mounting information and cyber-security attacks, and the new era of Crime-as-a Service has increased the risk further. Social engineering is simply the act of manipulating an individual’s psychological or emotional state, and persuading them to disclosing information they wouldn’t normally share. Since financial institutions have made some inroads… (0 comment)

Establishing a Compliant Culture
With repeated global financial scandals fuelling increased suspicion against ‘the system’, governmental and corporation leaders only need to look inwards for a solution to the tarnished reputations that emerge as a result of negative publicity. Are all leaders corrupt?  No.  Are all governments corrupt?  No.  So how can a government or leadership team establish a culture of… (0 comment)

A “Compliant Culture” isn’t a corporate buzzword, nor a simple deference to regulatory rules and guidance. Rather, it’s a combination of leadership authenticity with a deliberate leadership action of proactively creating an environment where employees want to come in to the workplace to do the right thing – each day and all day.

The US has done well, in its ongoing attempts to unravel the on-goings at FIFA over the years’, however a question that remains to be answered is “what compliance and information security controls were put in place to help prevent, detect and identify the bribery, corruption and money-laundering practices taking place through the company’s systems?”… (0 comment)

The best policies and controls in the world can’t resolve the weakest link in the chain of IT security breach prevention, detection and mitigation – i.e. ‘people’. To mitigate against the risk of falling foul of information security civil or criminal regulations – here’s a checklist of responsibilities for employees: IT and Information Security leaders:… (0 comment)

Leadership, Forex and Capex Programs
After a 2015 year of ‘relative’ calm, the first three months of 2016 have seen the Foreign Exchange (Forex) markets become increasingly volatile – unusually so – since the Chiefs of the three most powerful global central banks, i.e. Mark Carney (BoE), Mario Draghi (ECB), and Janet Yellen (the Fed) aren’t engaging in any currency… (0 comment)