Values-Based Leadership – a Pre-breakfast ‘Snack’?
Peter Drucker noted that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, and organisation’s invested millions, globally, on organisational change consultancy – in seeking to create a ‘thriving’ organisational culture; whereas, a key requirement for organisational change – is for a company’s leaders to be trustworthy individuals who openly demonstrate values-based leadership. If culture truly eats strategy for breakfast, how about a pre-breakfast… (0 comment)

The ‘Two C’s’ Not Taught on an MBA
Following a recently concluded MBA course of studies, undertaken after 13 years experience as an IT leader in the UK I’ve been pondering the content of the degree program, in a bid to understand what really drives genuine ‘leadership’ in the true sense of the word, and beyond an academic degree. “Discipline” -v- “a Discipline”… (0 comment)