The $2 Trillion Dollar Cyber Crime Industry and the Corporate Board’s Fiduciary Responsibilities
With Cybercrime’s annual¬†turnover projected to reach $2 TRILLION dollars by 2019, Boards need to step up the engagement of CISO’s and CIOs at the board table. Why are CIOs/CISOs still struggling to get a seat at the table? Not because board executives don’t understand security or technology, and not because CIOs/CISOs aren’t speaking ‘strategy’ language… (0 comment)

Reducing the Risk of a Ransomware Attack
So the first time I experienced a Ransomware attack in 2011, it was solely my fault – here’s why. I’d been researching some Statistics courses online on a home Windows XP notebook- and browsed to a web link titled ‘Statistics for Dummies’ (ironic eh!), only for the dreaded message ‘your PC has been locked by… (0 comment)

Professional Speaking Tips for the Introvert
Are you nervous about speaking in public? Do you dread the thought of addressing professional peers or colleagues at networking events or conferences? If so, this video’s for you! Overcoming those Nerves as a Public Speaker! Comments and further tips are welcome on the contents of the video, and these will be published once moderated!… (0 comment)