Following my Equifax post last week, I’ve had numerous calls from women (and a few men) keen to progress in the Cybersecurity industry, and after I sat and passed my Corporate Finance Regulations paper on Monday (finally!), I’ve booked a few Skype conferences  for this week and next week. Now for a long time, well-meaning… (0 comment)

Cybercriminals don’t care TBH…
Cybercriminals don’t seek to prove or disprove the CISO’s qualifications, in all truth; all they care about testing is our ‘defence’ – which consists of software, hardware and – most importantly, our security teams who do the actual physical work to defend the corporate systems. If we respect and acknowledge each and every team member… (0 comment)

Keeping it Simple – The Equifax CISO’s Qualifications!
So the former Equifax CISO, who’s most likely feeling pretty low over the security breach – has subsequently borne the brunt of many professionals mocking her ‘music’ degree – presumably suggesting the lack of a technical degree caused the breach! Let’s consider this fact: Between 2016/17, the FBI,  Yahoo, Sony, TalkTalk, and even LinkedIn –… (0 comment)