The Sky is NOT the Limit!

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Following my Equifax post last week, I’ve had numerous calls from women (and a few men) keen to progress in the Cybersecurity industry, and after I sat and passed my Corporate Finance Regulations paper on Monday (finally!), I’ve booked a few Skype conferences  for this week and next week.

Now for a long time, well-meaning people have asked me to ‘stop reading’, or to ‘stop aiming too high’ whereas I won’t stop – and here’s why. I told an inspirational 80 year old Nigerian grandma I was coming round recently. She replied ‘just don’t come on a Wednesday because I’ve got computer classes’! She added “I don’t want my brain to slow down”!

Come to think of it – Steve Jobs, Ali Baba et.al didn’t slow down or let curveballs stop them from achieving their goals, so neither should you and I! Now I’ve finished my exams; I’m back to applying for roles in the type of firm I’ve been studying towards since 2011 – i.e. a firm in which the culture’s great, the leaderships’ authentic, and mutual trust abounds.

In addition, I’m available to continue mentoring women, men or anyone of any creed, race or orientation – as long as you’re human, the sky’s the starting point for you and me!

#staypositive #windsofchange #Y.O.L.O

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