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The Security Crisis & Mitigations of the IoT, Presented @Vancouver BC – Ibukun Adebayo

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Tasked with presenting a lunchtime briefing to IT and InfoSec leaders at CAMSS Canada (September 2018), about the Security Crisis of the Internet of Things, my presentation – whilst warmly received – sparked sufficient lively debate to provide subjects of future posts e.g. ‘is it the consumer’s responsibility or the product manufacturer’s responsibility to secure the end product and protect the consumer from cybercrime?’. In addition, are consumers ready to pay the price of the increased spend on security that would inevitably be passed on to the consumer at the checkout?

Future posts will tackle these questions but one point remains certain – the cybersecurity debate remains the same in boardrooms across the globe i.e. how do we reduce the cybercrime risk to consumers stemming from unsecure products rolled out on the conveyor belt?

The Security Crisis of the IoT

Daily breaches abound, even as the debate rages on!

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