Following my Equifax post last week, I’ve had numerous calls from women (and a few men) keen to progress in the Cybersecurity industry, and after I sat and passed my Corporate Finance Regulations paper on Monday (finally!), I’ve booked a few Skype conferences  for this week and next week. Now for a long time, well-meaning… (0 comment)

Cybercriminals don’t care TBH…
Cybercriminals don’t seek to prove or disprove the CISO’s qualifications, in all truth; all they care about testing is our ‘defence’ – which consists of software, hardware and – most importantly, our security teams who do the actual physical work to defend the corporate systems. If we respect and acknowledge each and every team member… (0 comment)

Diversity & The Glass Ceiling – Inverted
Regulation can never be the solution to getting more women into IT or Cybersecurity – or getting more BAME or female professionals on boards. Indeed, if you force diversity on a leadership group- the resultant resentment towards the perceived recipient of favour – i.e. whether that’s a BAME professional or a woman – isn’t worth… (0 comment)

The $2 Trillion Dollar Cyber Crime Industry and the Corporate Board’s Fiduciary Responsibilities
With Cybercrime’s annual turnover projected to reach $2 TRILLION dollars by 2019, Boards need to step up the engagement of CISO’s and CIOs at the board table. Why are CIOs/CISOs still struggling to get a seat at the table? Not because board executives don’t understand security or technology, and not because CIOs/CISOs aren’t speaking ‘strategy’ language… (0 comment)

Professional Speaking Tips for the Introvert
Are you nervous about speaking in public? Do you dread the thought of addressing professional peers or colleagues at networking events or conferences? If so, this video’s for you! Overcoming those Nerves as a Public Speaker! Comments and further tips are welcome on the contents of the video, and these will be published once moderated!… (0 comment)

Leadership V. Management
Leadership is a vital role, globally, and yet the vast range of leadership titles in society tend to befuddle the definition of a leader. Many, in the past, have been awarded the accolade ‘inspirational leader’, ‘top 10 leader’, or ‘heroic leader’, but – stripped of all the accolades and ceremonial titles – what exactly does… (0 comment)

Corporate Rhetoric, Integrity and Repute
One of the most significant and yet often unmeasured indicators affecting corporate reputation and performance today is the relation between corporate rhetoric and actions. Corporations are littered with many a ‘sterling’ professional, with distinctive academic qualifications, titles, and brilliant practical knowledge on how to get ‘results’; whereas a key neglected fact is that being ‘good’ at ones… (0 comment)

3 G’s Not Taught on an MBA
Last week, I ‘encountered’ a CEO via email, and was so surprised by his actions that I went to check him out on, where it showed his company  has a 91% positive rating, whilst the CEO enjoys a whopping 99% employee personal approval rating – unsurprisingly so, but a great feat all the same. Now I’ve always insisted I’m not competitive, but in… (0 comment)

Values-Based Leadership – a Pre-breakfast ‘Snack’?
Peter Drucker noted that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, and organisation’s invested millions, globally, on organisational change consultancy – in seeking to create a ‘thriving’ organisational culture; whereas, a key requirement for organisational change – is for a company’s leaders to be trustworthy individuals who openly demonstrate values-based leadership. If culture truly eats strategy for breakfast, how about a pre-breakfast… (0 comment)