When Visa holds its post-incident review discussions into the outage on Friday that caused widespread ‘chaos’ for its customers across Europe, the company’s Board, CIO, CISO etc. should congratulate their technology and InfoSec teams for a brilliantly-executed disaster recovery plan. Risk Management When planning to mitigate technology risk, there are two generic risk tactics to… (0 comment)

Professional Speaking Tips for the Introvert
Are you nervous about speaking in public? Do you dread the thought of addressing professional peers or colleagues at networking events or conferences? If so, this video’s for you! Overcoming those Nerves as a Public Speaker! Comments and further tips are welcome on the contents of the video, and these will be published once moderated!… (0 comment)

Tired of Persistent Phone Calls?
Have you registered with companies that enable you to opt out of receiving unsolicited sales and marketing calls? Do you find yourself constantly being interrupted by incessant calls from agents trying to sell you legal advice for a road traffic accident you n ever had, or for a ‘funeral plan’ or life insurance policy when… (0 comment)

Corporate Rhetoric, Integrity and Repute
One of the most significant and yet often unmeasured indicators affecting corporate reputation and performance today is the relation between corporate rhetoric and actions. Corporations are littered with many a ‘sterling’ professional, with distinctive academic qualifications, titles, and brilliant practical knowledge on how to get ‘results’; whereas a key neglected fact is that being ‘good’ at ones… (0 comment)

Values-Based Leadership – a Pre-breakfast ‘Snack’?
Peter Drucker noted that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, and organisation’s invested millions, globally, on organisational change consultancy – in seeking to create a ‘thriving’ organisational culture; whereas, a key requirement for organisational change – is for a company’s leaders to be trustworthy individuals who openly demonstrate values-based leadership. If culture truly eats strategy for breakfast, how about a pre-breakfast… (0 comment)