GDPR Implementation and Ongoing Compliance Workshops

Contrary to public hype, the GDPR hasn’t been introduced as a penalty or as a proverbial ‘sledgehammer to crack a walnut’; instead – Cybercriminals have proven their ability to use any method, including social engineering and the physical theft of data, to steal personally identifiable information as a precursor to committing financial crime against honest persons; and the GDPR provides a good opportunity for corporations to enhance their reputation by amply protecting customer data.

Our ‘GDPR implementation and ongoing compliance beyond May 25th 2018’ workshops, consist of hands-on practical exercises to equip staff including boards, current and future Data Protection Officers, information governance, technology, security and privacy professionals – with the skills and knowledge to protect Personal Data in their jobs and roles on a daily basis, to mitigate the risk of a privacy breach.

The priority is to mitigate the threat of a personal data breach, and our consultants are experienced GDPR instructors and implementers. Let’s show you practical methods of how to keep your employee and customer personal data – safe.