EU GDPR Data Protection – Implementation & Ongoing Compliance

Our two-day GDPR Data Protection, Implementation & Ongoing Compliance course equips professionals with the practical skills required to ensure your business continues to comply with the GDPR.  Our unique practical course targets staff delivering Governance, Risk and Assurance, GDPR Data Protection Officers (or designates), IT, Project Management, Business Analysis and Information Management services who are required to implement systems, processes and services to ensure your organisation continues to comply with the GDPR.

We’ll be training your staff in the following:

Day 1

GDPR Objectives
GDPR Gap Analysis
GDPR Business Case
GDPR Implementation Project Planning
GDPR Risk Management
GDPR Stakeholder Communications Planning
GDPR Incident Management Planning
Data Breach Crisis Communications Planning
GDPR Cost/Benefit Analysis
GDPR Data Audit (Physical and Information Systems)
GDPR Privacy Notices
GDPR Third Party Contract Clauses
Data Inventory and Mapping
Data Protection Impact Assessment

Day 2

Risk Assessment Following a Data Breach
Binding Corporate Agreements
Risk Register preparation
Acceptable Use Policies
Home Working Policy
Mobile Working Policy
Data Retention Policy
Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)
Personal Data – Physical Controls
Personal Data – Technical Controls
GDPR compliance reporting
Internal Audits GDPR

Contact us to discuss your requirements for a weekday consultant to provide onsite or virtual GDPR training or click on the link below to enrol for one of our weekend classroom based courses in Greater London.

Classroom-based Delivery (*Weekends Only)

GDPR Practical Implementation &  Ongoing Compliance 2 Days Ring for Prices

Onsite/Virtual Delivery (Weekdays Only)

EU GDPR (Board & Senior Management Team) Practical Governance 1/2 Day Ring for Prices
EU GDPR (Employee) Awareness 1/2 Day Ring for Prices
EU GDPR (Practical Implementation & Ongoing Compliance) 2 Days Ring for Prices