Investigations, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Our “SLOYS!” program stands for “Stop Looking over Your Shoulder”.

So misconduct has occurred, or a breakdown in a business or professional relationship has materialised? It happens!  Are you seeking to avoid costly legal or enforcement action, along with the resultant reputational damage?

Where possible and in countries where legally acceptable, you may want to turn to RISC Credivel (UK) Limited for discreet and confidential mediation, as an alternative to the Courts of Law.

Our Partners are able to:

  • Facilitate settlement meetings between a government and corporation
  • Facilitate settlement meetings between an employer and employee
  • Facilitate a non-adversarial and confidential settlement agreement to disputes
  • Train your internal managers in credible dispute resolution techniques
  • Design credible and enforceable Disciplinary, Harassment, Bullying and Dignity at Work, and  Whistleblowing procedures for the workplace

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